fusion blanket grows


The James C Brett Fusion Chunky Baby Blanket (what a mouthful that is) is past the halfway point. I am on the “downhill” section.  Had to wind off a huge chunk of the second skein to get the colour right at the join, and I will definitely need it later. It’s a shame that there isn’t more lime green in this – the dark section is way longer than the light.

I’m making myself finish this before starting the cardigan, but I have knitted a small gauge swatch and it looks like it’s going to work.

I found some cute fabric at Fabricland today to line the Fair Isle Bag. It was only $6.50 a metre, so I bought a whole metre even though I’ll probably only use a quarter of it for the bag. That’s OK, I like having some spare fabric lying around, just in case!  A few years ago, I cleared out ALL my fabric scraps, and later regretted it.

Now that springtime is just about here (heck, it was raining tonight while I was out walking) I am feeling the need of an internal spring clean, so have started on the raw food again. Today I had muesli, a smoothie, an avocado soup (made in the Vitamix) and salad, and I wasn’t in the least hungry. I’m not committing to a minimum period – just taking it day by day – but I know that I’ll feel better without the cooked carbs (and maybe fit better in my jeans)!




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  1. I can never quite tell the colour of the blanket as it looks different in every picture. It looks beautiful though.

    p.s. I see it was you who jinxed the coming of spring! 😉 We had a big dump of thick white rain up here, so I’m guessing there is some in town too.

  2. p.s.s. For some raw ideas, I recommend the blog ‘Kristens Raw’. She’s a raw food chef and has some videos to recipes, plus she’s been raw since the beginning of the year and is just starting to add back in a little bit of cooked food, but she keeps a food journal every few blogs so it might give you some ideas if you feel like you are eating the same thing too much. It’s one of my favourite blogs, and she has so much energy! It inspires me to eat more raw!!

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