pay-it-forward gift finished


I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning (yuck, but thankfully no cavities) and afterwards I went for a wander around Fabricland and bought some fabric (I already mentioned this yesterday, I realise) but the cool thing is that it’s covered in musical notes, treble clefs, and lots of other musical symbols that I can’t name. Very appropriate for the recipient of this gift (if her mum is reading this, she must not tell)!

I measured the Fair Isle bag and cut an 8.5 inch strip of fabric from which I then cut two pieces 9.5 inches long. The remaining piece from the strip inspired me to make a separate  bag with a crocheted chain for a drawstring.

I really enjoyed my time at the sewing machine tonight. It made a change from knitting. A bit of machine sewing, a little hand sewing, and two bags are all done. Below is the knitted bag, seen from the top.


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  1. Cute!! I’m having some issues with my pay-it-forward gifts. Things are just not working out as I had planned. But! I shall persevere!

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