raw lasagne


Three days of about 98% raw food so far and feeling great. Today I made raw lasagne  for dinner, not just for me, but for Tai Chi Man too. I planned in the morning, so decided to marinate the zucchini slices so they’d be softer, soaked almonds for the “cheese” layer, and soaked sun dried tomatoes  for the sauce. It all came together very  nicely.

This was adapted from a recipe shared at a Raw Food Workshop I went to a year or so ago. The original has a basil pesto layer too, but alas I had no fresh basil.

Today was more vegetabley than the previous days. I do like my raw chocolate mousse, trail mix, medjool dates and smoothies,  but to balance things out I had a salad for lunch and this lasagne for dinner. A less sweet or calorie-dense day.

I forgot to show you my fridge door yesterday. Took a photo of my poetry magnets because I spent ages sorting them out into nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns etc, then made a few new poems.




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