blanket and health update


I’m feeling ready for this blanket to be done.

This photo was taken on my living room floor just now. The sun came out after a hailstorm and without a flash the colours are pretty true. But I still have about 70 stitches on the needles and have to decrease down to three and it seems endless. That ball in the top right corner is all the yarn that’s left, but it should be the perfect amount because I used the first skein up to just beyond the halfway point.

Health not great. Ds1 came home from work early on Tuesday because he felt bad. Went to bed. Coughed all over the place. And then I caught his bug, then ds3 caught it, and then Tai Chi Man and ds2. It’s obviously a contagious virus but we’re dosing up on all the natural remedies that we have. Ds1 has turned the corner and is looking a lot happier today. Thankfully we were able to stay home for a couple of days and take care of ourselves. I plan to be well enough for shopping and Sit ‘n Stitch tomorrow.

I’m not even going for a walk today. In one way, I feel like I should, because I’m fed up with knitting the blanket, and dinner is made already (soup), but on the other hand I walked ds3’s paper route the last couple of days so a day of rest is probably a good idea. This bug hits you right in the bronchial tubes and you don’t want to breathe too deeply or you start to cough.

So, hoping that when I return, I’m back to 100%. Wishing you all a happy weekend.





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