knittin’ news


Last night, I sank on to the sofa and picked up the blanket and looked at the small ball of yarn that was left and hoped upon hope that there’d be enough to finish it. I know I went a row or so past the centre of the blanket with the first skein, but you do hear about the yardage between balls varying, and I suddenly felt a little insecure. The last little bit of the blanket went satisfyingly fast and I did have enough. 🙂

So it’s done, and I’m glad! Tonight I cast on for the Iced Cardigan. The link will take you to It’s a free pattern, knitted in bulky yarn with #11 (8mm) needles. Top-down and seamless, my favourite! And NO RIBBING. I intend to add the optional garter stitch at the hem and cuffs because I know that the Knitpicks Brava acrylic will curl and I also know that that will annoy me. Best to avoid it then. I may lengthen the body too – the beauty of top-down is that I’ll be able to try it on and decide on the body and sleeve lengths as I go. I have ten skeins of the Brava, which is more than enough to add extra length if I want.

This looks like it’ll be a quick knit.


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