Quickie update


The iMac is off for the night and the knitting needles have retired too. Tapping this out on my iPod. Did I mention that Tai Chi Man bought himself a new iPad? No? We are such Mac fans!

I had some good knitting time in a coffee shop with a friend today. I really needed to get out. A week of sickness in our family and I had cabin fever! We’re all still coughing but the worst is over.

The raglan yoke of the Iced cardigan is done. However my gauge is 3.3 sts/in rather than 3, so I continued to 180 sts rather than 164 or the yoke would have been way too small. There were mutterings and earnest calculations going on tonight and I think that those extra 4 rows/16 sts will give me the room I need.

I went for the fitting session for my hearing aids today. They are computer programmable to my own specific needs – my main issue is hearing low frequencies such as men’s voices (a definite disadvantage with a husband and three teen boys). Tonight I’m listening to the clock ticking, the fridge humming and the furnace firing, all of which I was missing before. I have to go back in a week to report on how I’m getting on with them.

Are you doing anything new this week?

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