Asian dinner


So once again relying on iPods here. My son’s to take the photo and mine to publish it. He emailed it to me and now I’m blogging about it on my WordPress app!

We were originally going to be having friends over for dinner today but they cancelled for now. However I stuck with the meal plan and made a variety of Asian style dishes.

In a way, it was good to have a sort of “dress rehearsal” so I can plan for the dinner party. This took me an hour and a half from start to finish. If I had guests, I would do more in advance, like make the yeasted dough for the dumplings, cook the rice and chop the vegetables.

This is one meal the boys don’t complain about, though they don’t eat as much of the veg as I’d like.

On the plate, there is
Chinese dumpling (Taiwanese cabbage, mushrooms, bok choy inside)
Fried rice
Vegan Spicy “chicken” (commercial product made from soy in Taiwan)
Stir fried vegetables
Tofu and broccoli

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  1. Have you tried the sweet and sour been curd (?) from the woman at the Farmer’s Market? I’m not sure if it’s vegan (but I think it may be) – it is fantastic (and she is lovely!) I recommend a stop by her stall at any rate! Your dinner looks divine!

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