I can’t believe it’s been ten days since I last posted. That’s a long break for me. I had intended to get a photo of the Iced cardigan when I bound off the bottom hem but I couldn’t find the camera anywhere. So on I went with the first sleeve and now that’s done and I still haven’t found the camera. Ds2 lent me his iPod Touch so I could get a photo.

A few adjustments were made to the pattern as I went along. Because my gauge was a bit tight, I increased more for the yoke. That was the stage I was at when I last blogged about it. Then the sleeve stitches went on some waste yarn, 8 stitches cast on for the underarms, and I was onto the body. I worked an extra row between the decrease/increase rows for the waist shaping and rather than making it 13 inches long I extended it to about 15.5 inches so it finishes at hipbone level.

I worked the optional garter stitch edging to avoid curling (6 ridges).

The sleeve went by fast – now that I”m knitting in the round I am not slowed down by purling and the work is neater. There are only two decrease rounds in the whole sleeve. After trying it on I decided to stick with the pattern’s 14 inch length, which falls short of the wrist but that’s ok, it’s meant to. Three ridges of garter stitch at the end, and because I know I purl more loosely than I knit I decreased another couple of stitches just before the garter stitch started.

This looks like it’s going to be a well-fitting sweater, just right for wearing with jeans on cool spring days.


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