long trip ahead


I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I have just booked flights for next week taking me all the way to my home island of Jersey for just over SEVEN weeks. This will be the first time I’ve done this trip alone – previous times have been with Tai Chi Man and the kids. The last time was four years ago. That’s how long it’s been since I saw my parents and sister and her family.

I was planning to go to Jersey this year – maybe it was some sort of intuition that pushed me to hassle Tai Chi Man about a trip back this year. He said if I felt that strongly about it, I could go on my own. My initial thought was to go in the spring, but what with homeschool reports and science days and stuff I felt that June would be better. Add in the chance to attend a high school reunion on June 16th, and I was getting excited about a couple of weeks holiday in the summer.

However my initial feelings turned out to be more accurate than I thought. My dad started to get breathless. He went to the doctor – then for a bronchoscopy – then a CT scan – and he has a tumour in his lung. He won’t have confirmation of its status until his appointment with the consultant on April 20th, but I know that I want to be there…….like, yesterday!

After ages of clicking through airlines’ websites and figuring out how to schedule three consecutive flights with three different airlines at an acceptable price, we finally booked it all tonight. I could have booked it all with British Airways, but they would fly in to London Heathrow, and the flight to Jersey leaves from Gatwick. I really didn’t like the idea of having to transfer across London by bus or rail when on a tight schedule, so I went with Air Transat. (We actually did miss our flight one time – a travel agent organised the schedule, in the days before internet booking, and didn’t leave enough time for us to make the transfer.)

So now I’m in the process of telling everyone that I’ll be away. I had to cancel the sock knitting classes that I was due to teach in May. A couple of friends have offered to drive the kids around if necessary and Tai Chi Man will keep those boys in line in his own quiet way! When I was at the SPCA yesterday morning, I overheard one of the other volunteers saying she wanted “cat time” when she came – since they reorganised the rooms, she hasn’t had a dedicated room to clean every week – so I mentioned to her that I was going to be away and she can clean my room. That will make it easy for the volunteer co-ordinator. Ds3 has a weekly report to write for his Distance Ed program, but he’s been doing that mostly on his own since September so that shouldn’t be a problem.

My dad has a PC at his place, on dialup. That will seem very slow after what I’m used to, but hopefully I’ll be able to use it to blog/Facebook/check gmail. My mum has never learned to use it.

Wishing you all a Happy Hot Cross Bun day (well, it makes a change from Happy Chocolate Day, doesn’t it?)




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  1. Wishing you well on your travels to spend time with family and friends in Jersey. Hoping things go well for your Dad.

  2. I hope your flights are uneventful. Have a great time with your parents. Big hugs.

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