Hello from Jersey


Hi everyone, sorry to neglect you for a while but this is the first time I’ve had wifi since I arrived in Jersey. I couldn’t log on to WordPress on my dad’s computer – too old I think!

So, my little iPod Touch is coming through for me now.

Wednesday morning started at 3.30am. Left home at 4.30 and flight left for Calgary at 6.30. Mooched around the airport all day. Did a bit of crochet, drank a lot of drinks, bought a book, The Help (very good book).

Flight to London Gatwick was about 8.5 hours – a long time to be squeezed into an economy seat. Tried to sleep but not very successful. A whole afternoon waiting around another airport during which I drank a couple of coffees with the aim of staying awake. Started feeling spaced out so slept for an hour across some seats.

Finally the flight to Jersey (Channel Islands) left a few minutes late but it was such a relief to be on the last leg. My sister picked me up and took me to my parents’ place, where I’m staying for the next seven weeks.

I’ve been for some beautiful walks along the coast and through the valley by my parents’ house. Found some vegan food at the supermarket and the health food store. Had chips (fries) a couple of times because with my diet preferences I can’t usually order off the menu.

No problem with jet lag thankfully.

This Friday is my dad’s appointment and diagnosis when we will find out how seriously ill he is.

I don’t know how long it will be until my next post. Enjoy your springtime weather in the meantime.

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