Health update


Below is a post I wrote a couple of days ago but couldn’t publish from my dad’s computer.

My dad received his diagnosis on Friday. Definitely lung cancer. My sister and I were able to see his CT scan with the slightly smaller right lung (because it’s not getting any oxygen) and the photo of the tumour that’s blocking the right bronchial tube (from his bronchoscopy).

They are saying it’s not operable – the doctor considers it too risky.
So he’ll be sent to Southampton for radiotherapy treatment for a few weeks. He is waiting to hear the date. I will probably go with him for the outgoing flight and stay for a while, then my sister will take over from me at some point.

Dad has friends in the area, plus my two cousins are planning to visit, because right now he needs some TLC to make sure he eats something. His appetite is very low right now.

I bought him some multivitamins today – they are huge and he ended up crunching one rather than swallowing it whole but at least he didn’t refuse them!

Tonight I cooked a rather nice lentil, carrot, potato, apple soup and an apple pie. One of the benefits of being here is the Bramley apples – what we’ve always called cooking apples. They break down quickly, are quite sour, and perfect for pies. Also the season has just started for Jersey Royals, wonderful little new potatoes with a very special

Ta Ta for now.

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