Back to the cafe


It’s not really free wifi when you have to buy a coffee, is it? Whatever, it’s a sunny afternoon in St Aubins and I’ve just been to my favourite gallery for some more artwork and now I have a hot fragrant decaf soy latte in front of me.

The day trip to Southampton went well, in that dad’s PET scan appointment was brought forward as we had arrived early. However that did mean a whole afternoon of sitting at the airport waiting for our evening flight.

Next Tuesday, we have to go back again for another day trip, this time for a Planning session. He doesn’t actually start his treatment until the following week. There will be 13 sessions of radiation in all, 12 minutes each. He has been warned that he may feel totally washed out by the end of it.

I return to Canada May 31, while dad is still in Southampton. That’s going to be an emotional departure.

Tai Chi Man is valiantly holding the fort at home, keeping those teens in line. The boys are keeping busy with homeschool and youth group activities. And hopefully learning how to look after themselves better too. I shall have to be careful not to do everything for them when I get back or they’ll never be ready to leave home!

Time to publish. Talk to you again when I can.

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