holiday knitting


I’m back home. It’s good to be here with Tai Chi Man and the kids, sleeping in my own bed again, and using this lovely iMac. Here’s the first evidence of holiday knitting – there were two other baby hats too but I haven’t photographed those yet. There is also some crochet cardigan progress, but it’s going slowly as I am finding it rather a drag. The hat at the top was knitted with some yarn that my mum bought for me in Jersey. I think it’s Patons Fab, though I’ll have to check. The fingerless mitts are Alternating Current from Knitting New Mittens and Gloves. I took the pattern and yarn with me. I hadn’t a clue who they would be given to, but in a twist of synchronicity my aunt had said something to my mum about needing some fingerless mitts for when she’s out and about in her wheelchair, and I gave them to her on my last visit, and she was delighted. The bag was a sort of “knit as you go, don’t really know what it’s going to be” thing – it ended up as a useful little bag to wear when walking or cycling, but I left it behind in the hope it would find a new home. The background quilt is one that I made for my nephew years ago when he was little. It was on my bed at mum’s house for the duration of my stay.

simple hat

alternating current

backpack type bag

That’s it for now, I don’t want to spend all day on here! I have a lot of photos to sort out, not just my own but a CD full that my sister gave me of her own pictures that she took while I was there.







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