Iced cardigan photos


In an attempt to put right the lack of photos, I had a little fun with the self-timer and some self portraits. My sister’s camera actually has a setting for self-portraits which presumably sets the focus for arm’s length, assuming you’ll be holding the camera out, pointing back at yourself! Mine doesn’t. It’s a bit of a gamble, because you never know whether you’ll be centred in the photo, or even in the photo at all. 🙂

The middle two were taken in the bathroom mirror so are reversed, and the colour quality is crappy too. I couldn’t use the flash and had to make do with the somewhat greenish light.

I find it irritating that I can’t seem to put text or photos below a photo that has been uploaded, without first putting in some invisible paragraph returns. In other words, before uploading any photos, I have to hit Return a few times, then go up to where I want the photo to be, then upload it. Then I can click underneath it. Weird!

The little charm I am wearing on the chain is a hand with a turquoise “stone” in it. My sister brought it back from her recent trip to Marrakech. It’s supposed to fend off “evil eyes”. She also gave me a lovely silver bracelet with turquoise beads.

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