perfect knitting weather


And what I mean by that is……… it’s been a wet and windy week. Perfect for sitting on the couch under a throw and knitting. Way colder than the average for June, I have had to turn on the heat the last couple of days. (I am just proving my friend Angelika’s theory that we all love to talk about the weather!)

When I got back from my trip, I weeded out the stuff in the basket next to my end of the sofa and took the excess yarn and hooks downstairs to my sewing room to be filed away. That was a good opportunity to  potter around, tidying up my yarn leftovers and seeing what I have. It’s time to use up the odds and ends before buying more yarn for my next large project, whatever that might be.

Here are the pictures from the last couple of days (for some reason, there’s no photo of my Iced cardigan, though I’m sure I took one.)

A pair of matching hats made with Patons Fab (bought in Jersey) and already given to my friend Alexis who is pregnant. She is only three months gone and already showing. Her last babies were twins, ten years ago, and even though she hasn’t had an ultrasound yet everyone is asking her how many are in there!

I am quite pleased with how the back of this circular cardigan came together. I was inspired by a freeform crochet book and have been making “scrumbles” over the course of my holiday. The first ones were laid on the floor and joined with chains to make the centre of the circle, i.e. the back of the cardigan. As you can see, there is a pile waiting to be joined, but I want to have enough to go all the way around. And then there’s a good chance I will want to make another set for a further round. I have to confess I’m finding it hard work. You’d think it would be fun and interesting to do, but I can’t seem to do more than one motif a day – I’d rather be knitting! And yet I want to be able to wear this as a summer cover up with a sleeveless dress. Hmmmm…

This was my activity yesterday lunchtime while waiting for the boys to be ready to go and deliver newspapers. Hot tea because I was cold. And a hat, knitted flat on 10mm needles with three strands of Bernat Satin Sport, just to use it up.

And here’s the finished hat which was completed after I retired to my bed at 8pm last night because I was SO tired. I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to sew it up – by that time it was just after 9pm and I turned off the light.

It’s pouring with rain again and I’m glad we have friends coming over later to brighten up the afternoon.






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  1. Always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your latest projects. Such beautiful work.

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