My coloured chunky yarns are almost gone. Just a tiny ball of green and a larger amount of black and white. I took a few photos of the squares just for fun. I have 27 of them and have been enjoying mulling over how I’m going to put them together. I think I have my answer now.

I was reading a Ravelry thread today on my iPod (yes it can be done, if you’re willing to squint or put on your reading glasses)! I saw this bag – it’s beautiful (in my eyes – I know not everyone is into crocheted granny squares). Basically it’s one big granny, crocheted in a spiral, with a bit of double crochet on the sides and top to gather it in, with handles added. I immediately added it to my Rav queue and want to make it as per the pattern, but in the meantime what’s to stop me from making one with assembled small squares? Nothin’, that’s what.

So I shall take these squares and my trusty notions bag to the park this afternoon and start constructing a colourful square. When I see how big it’s going to end up, I’ll take a drive down to Art of Yarn, which is the only place I can recall having seen bag handles (except for the thrift store, that is). I already have a piece of fabric that I think will be big enough for the lining.

One of the hazards of making small pieces with lots of colours – lots of weaving in ends. Still, it didn’t take long. And the resulting pile of bits looks nice.

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  1. I very often put all my little tiny bits of yarn out in the garden and the birds take them for their nests. One year I saw a bit of coloured yarn dangling out of the opening to one of the bird houses.

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