strawberries and “cream” and crochet


Dessert was awesome tonight. I bought strawberries at Costco this afternoon and we had them with this…

Oh wow, it’s good. It’s called Mimiccreme Healthy Top. It tastes like vanilla ice cream, but sweeter and creamier. Ingredients include coconut oil, almonds and cashews and it’s lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, non-GMO, vegan and Kosher.  (Not calorie-free, sadly!)

No, I haven’t been paid to advertise this product!

I happened to see it in my local health food store and despite the price (about $7 I think it was, about the same as a large tub of Rice Dream ice cream) thought I’d give it a go. You just chill it, scoop it out into a bowl and whip it up with your electric beaters.  Yum.

So, earlier I mentioned the bag I’d like to make, and these squares are the ones I picked out from the 27 to use. My criteria were that each one had to have some white in it but not as the border.

Then I slipstitched them together with white yarn. Now I know why I prefer light-coloured yarns to work with – figuring out where to poke the hook through on the black and wine edges was tricky. Next I have to figure out how to gather up the two top edges so the size is just right. I did try working into every other stitch, which worked out to 9 stitches per square, but it didn’t pull in enough, so now I am trying just to work a double crochet into each space. That’s only five stitches per square. Hope it works out.






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