if only…


…the postal service worked a little faster around here. According to the tracking number, my parcel from Knitpicks travelled from Vancouver, Washington, to Vancouver, British Columbia, perfectly well. It was there on the 14th, and the website has an estimated delivery date of the 18th. That was Monday. It’s now Friday. It is languishing somewhere, but where? Why is it that mail can reach me in a week from across the Atlantic, but it takes two weeks or more to arrive from just over the US border?

I know there’s no point in getting irritable about it, and I will be happy to see it arrive when the powers-that-be feel it should. In the meantime, I have plenty of knitting/crochet to keep my hands busy and thoughts of future projects to keep my mind busy.

I just took these two screen shots of the colour choices of Knitpicks Brava yarn. One is for the sportweight and the other for the worsted. There are 30 shades of each, and many are the same, but ten of them differ depending on the weight of yarn. The sport comes in brighter colours – maybe the assumption is that the lighter weight yarn will be used more for children’s clothes? I don’t know.

I was sort of wondering about ordering one of every colour, in EITHER the sport or the worsted, hence my screenshots. I figured out how to open both windows and put them side by side on my desktop so I could compare. And if I do order 30 balls of this stuff, what do I make with them? Any suggestions?

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  1. My guess re. the colour differences is that they figure sport weight might be used for summer clothes, worsted for winter; and usually winter wardrobes are more subdued shades (for whatever reason).

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