FO – Speedy Shrug


It’s been a pleasant couple of days chez nous. Yesterday morning a friend came over at about 9am and we walked down to the nearby regional park. It was a beautiful sunny morning and it was a hot hike back up the hill. This was the view from the bench we stopped at, at lake level. The water is really high at the moment, thanks to rain and spring runoff, and the rocky beach has mostly disappeared.

Last night was just about perfect. I took my knitting, iPod, book and tea out to the old couch on the deck and sat there until the sun went down. It was a little breezy and cool, and part way through I went inside for my fleece pyjamas.

Today was warmer. I had my SPCA duty first thing, but that was finished by 9.30am.

Now that ds3 has moved his computer out of my sewing room, I have reclaimed my sewing table and set up my knitting machine. I whipped out a couple of skeins of James C Brett Marble, did a quick gauge swatch, and quickly did the math for a small shrug.

I’ve been thinking of making something like this for a while and today I had the opportunity. Cast on 63 stitches and knitted 171 rows and I had a rectangle about 27 by 14 inches. (Used my Bond with key plate #2.) Two small seams under the arms and a bit of crochet around the edges and it was done. I have a couple of patterned sundresses with green in them. I’m not sure, now that I see the striping, whether the shrug will work well with them, but hopefully I will get the chance to wear it.

It needs to either be steamed or washed and dried in the machine as it’s a little lumpy.

This top is just one I threw on to replace my SPCA t-shirt, which is too bulky to wear with the shrug! I like that my hair is long enough now to tie back in a ponytail. No plans to cut it any time soon.

So, that satisfied my need to finish something….now it’s off to wash dishes and maybe work some more on the blanket.


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