Canada Day weekend


What a weekend it’s been. Our normal weekend is all about grocery shopping, a visit to the library and some catching up on our reading. Very quiet and uneventful, in other words. This weekend we have…

…driven up to Enderby for a night out at the Starlight Drive-In. Such an American concept! They are only open for a few short months and we like to get there at least once every summer. This time we stayed for both movies – $10 for one or both, so you may as well get your money’s worth. The first movie can’t start until it’s getting dark, so showtime was at 9.45pm. We arrived at 8.30 and parked up, settled in and pulled out a deck of cards and the snacks. Madagascar 3 showed first, then Hunger Games, which started at 11.45pm. We didn’t get out of there until 2am! Home at 3.30am and bed soon after.

In case you ever plan to go to an open-air movie, here are some hints. Blankets, lots of ’em, because it gets cold. Drinks (Tai Chi Man and I took water, boys took cans of iced tea). Snacks (I took healthy snacks, boys brought liquorice)! And if, like us, you have a vehicle that has headlights that won’t go off when the radio is on, take a portable radio (the Starlight broadcasts its soundtrack via FM radio). We ended up using some of our blankets to cover the headlights, which thankfully didn’t drain our battery. And pyjamas are perfectly acceptable attire.

…visited the Farmers Market. Left with a wonderful array of greens. Swiss chard, basil, lettuces, radishes, bell peppers. And enjoyed a steamed bun at Kings vegetarian stall.

…picked out lots of annuals to brighten the flowerbed near our back door. One of the local garden centres is only open for about four months – the last few days of opening are 2-for-1 so we now have colourful flowers, ivy and pepper plants, which I planted this morning.

…hiked a nearby canyon with friends (a selection of photos follows, taken by ds3). The weather was hot and sunny and being in the shade of the trees by the roaring creek was balm to the body and soul. I have uploaded these pictures as thumbnails – click to view – that last one looks unreal, it’s so green, but I promise it’s untouched.






…shared a home cooked dinner with said friends. They came back to our house after the hike. I made limeade and lemonade. Black bean cakes, stir fried broccoli and red bell peppers, Bon Bon Chi (a noodle, tofu and asparagus salad with sesame dressing), plain rice, coconut lime cupcakes. My friend brought a couscous salad. We extended our dining table, added some extra chairs, and had some wonderful conversation. Their son played with ours – there is now Lego strewn all over the family room. And the boys did the dishes!

…beautified the garden. Tai Chi Man has mown the grass, which was getting seriously out of hand. I weeded the flowerbed and put in the new plants. Potted the pepper plants. Tied up a couple of errant tomatoes.

And now I’m finally getting the chance to catch up on my computer stuff, and later I fully intend to get some knitting done!



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