summertime at last


It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but today was our first beach day. I had sent out an invitation to two homeschooling groups, setting up beach days every  Wednesday in July and August. Many people had other commitments today, but one other family did come for part of the afternoon, giving us a chance to spend time with our friends, and the rest of the time we enjoyed a peaceful time. I had my knitting with me, of course. The boys had brought books. We played bocce ball for a while (like French boules, or bowling). Ds3 went in for a quick swim early on, then both boys went in just before we went home.

The beach we went to today is one of our favourites. An entertaining part of this particular park is its gophers. They are quite bold. They must be used to people giving them food because they come quite close. In the interests of animal health, we only gave them fresh food like cherries and raw nuts.  One of them actually chased our bocce balls while we were throwing them at the small golfball we use as the “jack.”

Before going to the beach, I put some balls of yarn and the blanket-in-progress into the largest of my new clear bags from Knitpicks. If you look really closely (click on the picture) you can see I’m also using my new purple point protectors and have attached the emergency fix keychain to my pink gadget bag. So pretty to look at.  And mustn’t forget to mention my Certified Knitting Instructor pin that is attached to that little pink bag too.

This was the view from my quilt. Tough day, huh!

I was sitting there, just savouring the moment, and thought that our beach accessories looked so good that I had to take another photo. I’m hoping that more people will come out for the remaining 8 beach days of the summer.

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