I’m sitting in one of my favourite knitting spots: my covered deck, on an old couch, listening to the sounds of my neighbourhood and enjoying the warmth of the sun filtered through my neighbour’s tree. The sun is about to disappear behind the distant mountain – I love watching it do that as it seems to go so fast that you can almost feel the earth turning.

It’s been a long day. Up at 6am. SPCA duty driving four cats to two different vets. Cleaning the usual cat room and having some laptime with a large grey fluffy cat who loves to be groomed. Driving around to the gas station and filling up the van and the gas cans (for the lawnmower). Stopping in at the greengrocer for veg and fruit to tide us over until the weekend.

Returning home, my job then changed to hustling teens out of bed, getting them to eat, then go out and do the paper route. Thursdays are heavy days – lots of flyers – so with three of us sharing the load it’s not so bad. It was hot though and before I made dinner I had to shower.

Dinner done, and at last I get a chance to sit and knit. And so to the meaning of my title. Eighteen percent is the progress on the blanket. Thirteen inches finished.

Yesterday I measured the stitch gauge over ten inches.

36 sts = 10″
3.6 sts = 1″
400/3.6 = 111″
111/2 = 55.5″

So there you have it. A probable final width of 55.5 inches. I only love math when it relates to knitting!

And now I shall get back to knitting rather than just talking about it!

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