hot July weekend


Saturday, Tai Chi Man and I once again hit the Farmers Market and came away with lots of fresh vegetables. Such a nice feeling! The rest of the day was mostly shopping and our regular library trip, but Sunday, I’m glad to say, was a little more adventurous.

Sunday, our deck thermometer hit a max of 39.6°C but we were making the most of it rather than suffering indoors. Tai Chi Man had an event to go to so I took ds2 and ds3 to a little town not far away which has a great swimming beach with diving boards, rope swing, zipline and clear safe swimming. Both boys had a lot of fun, even jumping off the high diving board. And after my swim, I enjoyed sitting in my beach chair, reading The Lovely Bones (saw the film a few weeks ago). We were limited to a couple of hours, as I needed to get to the health food store before they closed, but that’s probably a good thing, as we didn’t overdo the sun exposure.

Of course, it was definitely an ice cream sort of day, so I made sure to add a couple of So Delicious coconut frozen desserts to my basket. The Coconut Cookie Dough is awesome, and we also tried the Almond Mocha for the first time, which is heavenly.

The two boys in black shorts standing at the top right are mine!

Ds3 had been pushing for us to take out our kayaks, which is understandable because we didn’t use them much last year. I told him the best time was early morning, but of course my teens tend to be asleep all morning! Anyway, even though we’d already been to the beach in the afternoon, we made the effort, and all five of us went down to our nearest beach with the two kayaks strapped to the roof of our van. Tai Chi Man and ds3 went out first for about half an hour while the rest of us swam. By that time of day, the shoreline on our side of the lake was in shadow, which made for a pleasant temperature. Ds1 made me laugh, because even though he’s 20, that didn’t stop him from bringing buckets and spades along and starting a trench construction down the beach to the water’s edge. The kids always used to do that with their friends when they were younger. Ds2 went out for a paddle with dad too, and I read more of my book.

By the time we arrived home and unloaded everything, it was after 9pm, and I had only a little time to knit a round or two on the blanket before bed.

All in all, a perfect summer’s day.

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