something different – a lace scarf


This was my knitting spot today. A local beach, a mere 5 minutes drive from my house. It was, in theory, a homeschool beach day, but only one other family showed up. At least it was a family we are good friends with, so that was great!  🙂

We parked ourselves under a big tree, quilt, buckets and spades (pails and shovels to some of you North Americans), towels and knitting, lawn chairs and kicked-off sandals. Some view, eh. There were speedboats (a bit noisy), sailboats, stand up paddle boarders, swimmers. The kids swam and read and dug in the sand.

And amazingly, I knitted on something that’s not the blanket. I knitted a few rounds on the blanket at home this morning, and it’s getting a bit bulky and warm for these hot summer days. So I went in search of an alternative. This yarn is the Knitpicks Comfy Worsted in Pomegranate that I bought to try out. So far, it’s feeling very nice and smooth and soft. The pattern is Cashsilk Fern by Sweet Georgia Yarns. (Ravelry link/Sweet Georgia link) The pattern is a 12 row repeat, very simple. I was able to work on it and chat at the same time. And the bonus is that I get to use my new chart holder from Knitpicks – I was able to prop it up near my feet and just lean over and nudge the magnetic bar up each time I finished a row. Oh yes, and because my yarn is way thicker than that called for in the pattern, I am only doing two pattern repeats instead of four, which makes for short 34 stitch rows. Nice!

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  1. I love the swatch. It would make a nice lace cardigan. Love the pictures of the peaceful invironment that knit in.

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