noo shooz


I read an article recently about the hazards of wearing flip flops all summer. No support, shorter stride, gripping the things with your toes to keep them on, etc etc. As it happens, while I do love flip flops and consider them attractive, convenient and comfortable, I have a recurring pain in my left ankle that I suspect is from overuse. It’s fine while I’m walking on it, usually, but when I stop I get an ache, and sometimes more like a burning knife sensation. If I plan to hike, I wear my runners, and since they are cheap ones I supplemented them with a cushioned gel insole. Better, but still getting the pain.

So here are my new sandals which I’m hoping will last me a long time. I think they’re attractive enough to wear with either skirts or capri pants, they have a rugged sole with some support, they are fully adjustable (I’m hoping that the Velcro will last), and the style is a cross between a sandal and a hiker, with protected toes and ventilation.

The first ones I looked at in various stores were $70 – $100 and I nearly had an embolism. When you’re used to shopping in thrift stores and Walmart, going to “real” shoe shops is a shock to the system. Do people really spend that much on shoes? And have more than one pair at a time?!

It’s all a matter of perspective, and after seeing all those price tags I ended up with this pair @ $40, which is twice as much as I would have paid for sandals in the past, but seems like quite a deal now!

Tai Chi Man and I were brought up with a saving, rather than a spending, mentality, and whilst I enjoy spending money (as long as I can do it without guilt, e.g. if it’s money I’ve received for my birthday or Christmas) I do like the security of being debt-free with savings in the bank. So part of me (a tiny rebellious part) says, Go and Buy Those Sandals and To Heck With The Expense, We can Afford it, Β and the other (way bigger) part of me says, You Don’t Need Those, Look Around Some More and You’ll find Some at Half the Price or Do Without!





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  1. Cute shoes!

    By the way, I totally spend that much (and more!) on shoes that I love and that are comfortable. I have many pairs of sandals (and other shoes) and I love them all! Life is short and I’m worth it! πŸ˜‰ I never buy more than I can afford though – no credit card debt here!! πŸ™‚

    I read that about flip flops as well, so I only wear them if I’m not walking anywhere far (just to an appt where I have to slip off my shoes sort of thing). It’s not so much the support thing, since when I walk without shoes, I don’t have anything supporting my foot, but the holding on with your toe thing. Doesn’t feel right πŸ™‚ I like to keep my feet happy!!

  2. One word: Birkenstocks. πŸ™‚ Okay, fine, I’m German. But it’s the one item of clothing that I spend large sums of money on. El Cheapo all the rest of the outfit, but $100 shoes. Because if my feet are happy, the rest of me’s happy. I live in Birks, and have done since I was 13. In summer all the time, and winter almost all the time (i.e. when I’m at home).

    All that to say that slightly more expensive footwear is totally worth the money, and cheaping out on shoes is one of those “For want of a nail the war was lost” things. You can always save on other stuff. Or go barefoot, that’s supposed to be very healthy, too. πŸ™‚

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