scorcher of a weekend


It was a busy weekend. Yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day, up to 36 Celsius, though Tai Chi Man said it reached 41 on the deck (106 Fahrenheit). We did the usual library and shopping in the morning, followed by a social event where we spent time with a lovely group of people at a friend’s house which is much cooler than ours. So we beat the heat by avoiding it, rather than immersing ourselves in it. Oh yes, and mustn’t forget, we also had dinner out at our favourite restaurant, which is of course air-conditioned!

Today we attended the local Holistic Market. It’s an interesting place to go, currently being held once a month, with all sorts of weird and wonderful people and modalities to check out. Many of the people with booths are in our spiritual and social circle. Tai Chi Man had another energywork treatment and I had some balancing done from a kinesiology practitioner who uses sound essences to help you get back to centre.

There was only time for a cup of tea and packing a bag with towels before we were off out again with ds2 and ds3 to a nearby town for this…

…a group of drummers (Bobby Bovenzi and the West African drummers) who were playing in a lakeside park. I was hoping it’d cloud over a bit so we didn’t bake, but in the end the sun stayed out and we did bake, but I didn’t mind. I just love listening to drums and preferably participating, which meant when more drums were brought in and people asked to volunteer I went up. By the time it was over, we were all so hot, but our favourite swimming beach was just down the road so we all went for a swim, including the rope swing, which I love as it makes me feel like a kid again!

After we returned home, the boys made their dinner (yay) with ds1 doing most of the work, and I made dinner for Tai Chi Man and myself and we ate it outside on the deck. It is so hot this evening – not a breath of wind – and it feels like a thunderstorm may be in the offing. I’m hoping so.

It was a gorgeous sunset.

with flash

without flash



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