50th birthday


Today is the big day, a milestone birthday. Somehow the ones with a zero at the end seem more important! No, I don’t feel any older than yesterday! I can see the physical changes that the last decade has wrought, but thankfully I’m more laid back about it all. The eyesight has softened, the hearing has softened, the body has softened, and so has my attitude. Not a bad thing!

One of the things on my wish list was a Swiss Army Knife. Tai Chi Man checked with me that I was serious about that, and when I confirmed I was he did a bit of research and we went off to Canadian Tire to look at this one – the Champ – which happened to be 40% off! Tai Chi Man likes a good deal 🙂

I told him to hang on to it until the day and joked that he could wrap it in $100 bills. So he did! Not real ones, sadly, but it’s amazing what a computer printer can do.

This knife should last me a very long time and I’m pretty sure it has all the tools I could ever want.






I almost forgot about the parcels I had tucked away in my bedroom closet. My sister gave me a wrapped gift when I left Jersey in May, and she also sent me something in the mail. It wasn’t until we were chatting on FaceTime that she reminded me of them, so I quickly rushed upstairs to get them.

I love this apron. It’s from the Harbour Gallery in Jersey where I bought so many lovely souvenirs myself. The photo album is one of those digitally produced ones that you order online – lots of old photos of me and my family over the years. And there’s a joke book, because my family is so fond of puns. And some sticky labels with a kitchen theme. The little frog and bangles are somewhat random – they were tucked into the pocket of the apron.

I haven’t seen my boys yet today, except for a brief chat with ds2 at 6.45 this morning – he was in bed but hadn’t slept, apparently, and the only clue I had that he was awake was a Facebook post at 6.30 – a poem!

I’m heading for the beach this afternoon. It’s cooler today with a forecast of only 21 degrees which will seem positively cold after our recent weather. I’m hoping that everyone who replied to my invite shows up for the potluck and that we have a lot of fun (and a lot of cake)!

Now that my mum has confirmed the amount she’s giving me for my birthday, I am going to have a bit of fun later at knitpicks.com placing a hefty order for yarn. So far I have about $100 worth on my wish list with them. Clickety Clickety Click!












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