more birthday love


I have more birthday gifts to show you…

A bamboo lap desk which was given to me by my boys. Tai Chi Man had seen one in Chapters and not long ago I said I could do with one for when I wanted to sit on the couch to craft but needed a flat surface. I am so impressed that he remembered!

My friend Joan gave me a raw recipe book and a henna kit for painting temporary tattoos. I will definitely enjoy using those.

Ds3 gave me two bars of Ritter chocolate and Samantha gave me two different bars, so I am stocked up for some time now (especially as I bought myself a box of Bliss Balls from the health food store as well).

It was a wonderful evening at the beach. Between 4 and 8pm, a group of our friends ate, drank and socialised. Most of the time we had the beach to ourselves as the afternoon had been a bit cloudy with a few spots of rain. The evening however was beautiful – the sun came out and some of the kids went swimming. They also had a good time climbing a tree and leaping across onto the roof of the washroom block. They even set up chairs up there for a while.  Ds3 made up a playlist on his iPod and hooked it up to his little speaker so we had music.

There was tons of food (I took four dishes myself, plus bread). One friend brought 40 professionally made vegan cupcakes, some vanilla with purple frosting, some chocolate with white frosting, and the pièce de resistance was my young friend’s contribution – Shaun the Sheep cupcakes! The base was chocolate, the frosting vanilla, the “wool” was vegan marshmallows, and she had cut out lots of little sheepy faces – aren’t they adorable!

Today we had another event to go to which included another potluck supper at a different beach. I ate way too much and now all I want to do is sleep! I really must apply some self discipline tomorrow.


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