freeform crochet shrug


I don’t know whether “shrug” is the right term for this garment, but it’s not really a cardigan. Maybe it’s closer to a vest. Anyway it turned out pretty much as I envisioned. It’s perhaps not as large as I intended at the beginning, but I’ve had enough of working on it so I finished off the shell edging at the beach last night and declared it DONE.


It measures approximately 33 inches in circumference – the centre section is about 15 inches across. There’s a total of 18 different random motifs, the centre one being a small filler motif. I steamed the heck out of it and that relaxed it a bit.

I used Marks and Kattens Carolina which is a DK weight yarn. Can’t remember the hook size. Six skeins out of the ten I bought.

And now that the evenings are cooling down more, maybe I shall be able to focus on the blanket again, in addition to patching my old beach quilt.

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