birthday stash


I ordered enough yarn from Knitpicks today that I could finally claim to have a stash! I have ordered every colour of the Brava Worsted acrylic. Here’s a screenshot of all the colours. I am getting one ball of each colour, except for the Sienna and Currant, of which I am buying ten. The Sienna is a deep brown (second row, second swatch) and Currant is a deep burgundy (bottom row, centre). I think those two colours will work well for me as a base colour for sweaters or jackets, and then I can add in various colours at will. I have also ordered Ann Budd’s Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters and expect that both the new yarn and the new book will be quickly put to use.

I had to make the screen smaller and smaller to get all the colours into the picture at once.  I intend to pull out my Alice Starmore book of colour patterns and start planning to incorporate some of those into my next sweater. I always seem to agonise so much in the planning stages, but it usually all works out well.

I will be sure to post a photo of the order when it arrives (no doubt more slowly than I would like)! 🙂


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