nearly hugged the mail carrier…


The woman who delivered this large box to my door today narrowly escaped. I wanted to kiss her because she had my Knitpicks box in her hands!

The Box (socks on top for scale)

For once, Canada Post’s tracking estimated the delivery date almost right.

The First View

I was careful to count out the balls as the tape on one side of the lid had come apart.

Pretty Colours

One ball of every colour of the Brava Worsted acrylic, except for Sienna and Currant, of which I ordered ten (a sweater’s worth, or more).

Books Too

Plus a couple of books – The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns for a friend’s birthday, Top-Down Sweaters for me, and two “Tricksy” knitters notebooks, which have graph paper inside for designing and notes.

Happy Dance!




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