hiking season


My friend Joan decided that this fall was the perfect time to get fitter and pulled up a list of ten great hikes around the area. In addition to that, she lives on the edge of development, next door to lots of unspoilt mountains and meadows. Yesterday we hiked up from her house – the first peak we conquered was actually a man-made one, a pile of rubble left over from construction. It’s huge…

That’s me in the brown t-shirt in the foreground. Getting up that hill required getting your hands dirty – you had to lean in to the hill or you’d have fallen back down it.

Not surprisingly, it’s all very dry. We’ve only had something like 5mm of rain in the last two months. We thought we’d had it easy as far as forest fires go, but since the beginning of September we’ve had a few, one of which was big enough to burn down some houses.

Apparently bears have been sighted in this area, coming down to raid people’s garbage, though I wasn’t too worried. They tend not to be out and about in the middle of the day, and in this open terrain we’d have seen one coming from a mile off!

The hike up was challenging, and each time we thought we’d made it to the highest spot there’d be another one a little way off. The view from the top made it all worthwhile.

These photos were taken by my friends – I forgot to take my camera up with me. The physical exertion was something I really needed. I have had a lot of tension this week in the lead-up to our trip for my dad’s funeral, and while I still have some things on my To Do list, I get so much from time spent with friends. I was up early this morning…made myself a huge cup of Yorkshire tea with the usual Silk and maple syrup…and settled in at the computer to write my eulogy. God knows whether I’ll be able to deliver it coherently – I hope I can hold it together. My sister is also speaking at the funeral and she has sent me her draft so we don’t repeat each other. Deep breaths….





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