old photos


I’m pushing my space limit this week. Up to 92% full, according to WordPress. I’ve decided that when I get to 95%, I will definitely make a decision about a Space Upgrade.

I brought some old photos back from Jersey this visit, so I thought I’d scan three old ones of me into my computer. They’ll give you, and my Facebook friends, a bit of a laugh, I’m sure.

about 11 years old

This first one is rather small which is probably just as well as I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I went out in public looking like that! The hair in bunches, the old-fashioned glasses that I started wearing when I was 7, the floral dress, and those high black wedges! OMG!

about 8 years old

Not quite so awful: I am on the right, my sister on the left. I remember that outfit I was wearing, and it looks like I have my primary school blazer over the top.

about 18 years old

Better still: my parents moved into a bigger house when I was 18 in a pretty valley in the countryside. The valley has a  number of man-made reservoirs for storing fresh water for the residents of the island. For some reason, it’s no longer possible to walk around the reservoir the way we used to, but here I’m up close and personal with the ducks.

That’s my trip down memory lane for today!





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