have I been neglecting you, dear blog?


There’s been a distinctive lack of knitting around here, plus I’m so close to filling up my available space on this blog that it’s been making me reluctant to post about other random stuff. I STILL haven’t decided whether to bite the bullet and just buy more space, or start a Nicolaknits Part Two (or Nicola’s Still Knitting, or More Nicolaknits, or whatever).

I have been mulling over the design for a jacket for some time, ever since I bought all that Knitpicks Brava Worsted, and as usual I have been in a holding pattern for a while. It takes me some time to work out the options and even though I am not 100% sure about necklines, button bands, etc, I have cast on and am well into the yoke of the jacket now. (The top centre is where the steek stitches are, hence the break in pattern.)

Started knitting this yesterday after my chores were done. It was a blessed day of having nowhere to go, so once the laundry was under control, the bread was made, the lasagna sauce was simmering, the vacuuming was done, I had some time to sit, guilt-free, on the sofa and just KNIT.

I’m using two books as reference – Ann Budd’s new Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters and Alice Starmore’s Patterns for Color Knitting. My jacket is a top-down seamless raglan knitted with Brava Worsted and US#9 (5.5mm) needles. My gauge swatch (and hopefully my knitting) said 4.5sts/inch. Of course the KHBTDS book has round numbers only, so to get a 42″ finished chest size I am using the 38″ instructions for 5sts/inch. Except for the lengths, where I will refer to the 42″ size.

Having done a couple of the bands of Fair Isle, I’m glad I didn’t decide to incorporate colourwork into the whole jacket because it’s pretty hard on my hands. I’m using a simple band from the Alice Starmore book so that the colour change is graduated. So far, I’m liking how it looks, though I couldn’t really appreciate it until I moved the piece of knitting onto a longer cable and spread it out.

The colours of the yoke will go from cream, to camel heather, to brindle, to paprika, then to sienna (dark brown). The majority of the body and sleeves will be sienna. I’d like to incorporate a touch of the bright red in there somewhere – maybe on the hems.

At last – a project I can get my teeth into!





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  1. Ahh, the dilemma of space. If you resize your images to a smaller size and lower resolution it will save on storage space. You could also delete older photos to free up some space. There is also the option of storing your photos elsewhere on the web (like Photobucket or similar) and link them back to your blog. Or you could start all over again. Even though I have lots of storage space at blogger I’ve switched to a WordPress format that is self hosted on my own site.

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