Having spent the last few days working on my Waves Jacket (as I decided to call it) I am wondering about my colour choices. I stood back and took a look, I photographed it to see how the colours looked through a lens, and I still don’t know. It’s the camel – the colour between the cream and the brindle. Compared to the other colours which have a ‘warm’ feel, the camel is greyed out and feels ‘cool’ to me. And dull.

Now that I have knitted most of the yoke I am thinking it looks very conservative and not at all the riot of colour that I had anticipated when I bought all 30 shades of Brava. Can I bear to rip out the whole yoke (sob)?

Take a look at this…

This is a tiny swatch that I knitted flat to try out the Fair Isle pattern. I used those three colours – the tidepool, fig and pomegranate – because they were partial skeins and I needed to swatch with a colour I wasn’t using in the final jacket. I also added some eggplant dots. When I look at those colours together, with no planning whatever, I like what I see, though I would never have deliberately put them together in something I intended to wear. The pomegranate (the orangey colour at the bottom) is the one I used for the Puerperium Cardigan – and now I see that it would have worked very nicely in the yoke instead of the camel.

I know that it would be better to frog the yoke and start again if it means I will love the jacket and wear it often, rather than leave it in my closet. I’ll take a look at it again tomorrow in the daylight and make my decision then.


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  1. Try changing that photo to black and white. It may help you see where the problem lies. Apparently it has something to do with the colour values (I don’t know a lot about that kind of thing, just passing on what I’ve read online.)

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