all quiet


I was surprised that with my last four posts being about a totally new topic, and a potentially controversial one as well, not one person has commented. (And I know there are people reading, because my WordPress stats say so!)

Maybe you all think I’m crazy and would rather not affiliate yourself with me. 🙂 Maybe you’re reading this in Google Reader or some such feed and couldn’t be bothered to click through. I shall carry on mumbling away about the things that I’m thinking about, and today what I would love to share with you is some photos of my garden and my knitting. Unfortunately I think ds1 has swiped the camera from its usual place in the kitchen, which means I shall have to wait until tomorrow to upload the required photos.

I now have three knitting projects on the go.

1. The scrap user upper blanket – I have actually added to this the last few days while watching some library DVDs. It’s simple enough to not need much attention. Still nowhere near done but keeps my lap lovely and warm while I’m working on it.

2. The Collar-closing cardigan from one of my own knitting books, The Knitting Experience, Book 3 Color, by Sally Melville. This is what I decided to make after frogging my fair isle yoke attempt. I have one major gripe with it. It’s knitted in pieces. I rarely make seamed sweaters these days. Rather than just using two contrast yarns on the collar and cuffs, I am using lots, which means a sh*tload of ends to weave in later. But I like the way the multiple colours look in reverse stockinette. One sleeve is done and almost all of the second cuff.

3. A fingerless mitt based on the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. Actually, five pairs of white fingerless mitts are in my future, thanks to a friend commissioning them for her grandchildren. And three of her grandchildren are adults so it’s not teeny knitting. She would have liked me to make about ten pairs but the look on my face must have said it all – no way would I have time to make those before Christmas! I bought five balls of snow white Bernat Satin today and started on the man’s pair, thinking that it would be nice to leave the smallest child’s until last. Unfortunately my gauge was not what I expected and I had to frog the cuff and start again with fewer stitches.

I am well knitted out today! Hands have had enough. Tomorrow the kids have a swimming lesson so I shall take the mitts project bag with me and work on those. In the evening, on my couch at home, I’ll add some more to the cardigan, and maybe watch some more BBC comedy on DVD with the blanket.

Happy knitting!

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