these are a few of my favourite things


Must have that song on the brain this week because in a few weeks time Tai Chi Man and I will be going to see The Sound of Music live on stage with the Okanagan Symphony. Looking forward to that.

So, the song mentions warm woollen mittens, if I remember correctly. Well, these aren’t going to be that warm, and they’re not wool, they’re Bernat acrylic, however the first (man’s) pair is done. It’s like making half mittens really – you work the ribbing for the cuff, do the increases for the thumb gusset (good word, that, GUSSET), separate the stitches for the thumb, and do a bit more ribbing for the top edge. Done.

One woman’s pair is over halfway done too. Five pairs to finish and I will make the deadline easily, as long as I neglect my cardigan and blanket for a while.

It helps to mix up the crafts to fend off boredom and I started crocheting a very cute little tortoise tonight. The shell is made. The pattern is here. That link will take you to a ream of pages with lots of toy patterns – you have to scroll down to page 38 to find the Tiny Striped Turtle. If you print out pages 38 and 39 you get most of it. I’m using some Knitpicks Brava Worsted and a 4mm crochet hook. I think those colours are Brindle and Fig and the head and legs will be in the darker colour. When I fastened off at the bottom I pulled the tail all the way up and down through the stuffing a few times to hold the base in and prevent it from curving outwards.

I also have plans for some very cute crocheted snowmen. But I will have to do more knitting first.




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  1. Love the fingerless mittens or gloves. I keep saying I’m going to knit some for hubby but he says he won’t wear them!!! I’ve got several pairs in different colours. I’m just finishing up a couple of projects … socks and a dolly cradle bag then I’ll have to find a few more things to work on.

  2. I made some for my husband last year and he loves them – wears them all the time around the house in winter. He can still use the computer or his iPad with his fingers free.
    These white ones are boring knitting but that’s what my friend wanted! I expect they will be used on Christmas Day for a photo shoot and then put aside.

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