This project, a scarf called Braidy, has been in the #1 place in my Ravelry queue for years. It was probably the first thing I ever queued, not long after joining Ravelry. It doesn’t have a project photo, so I don’t know how I ever found it, because usually when I’m doing a pattern search I don’t even look at them if they don’t have a photo. When you click through to the blog, however, there is a picture of the scarf that inspired the designer to make the scarf – it’s from the Gap – and it has a very interesting cable feature at each end. The rest is a simple 4 x 1 rib.

I’m using the last two skeins of Knitpicks Brava Bulky in Solstice (very dark blue) left over from making the Iced jacket. I did have three but gave one away to a friend along with a pair of knitting needles to get her started.

So, because I obviously didn’t have enough knitting on the go right now, I cast on for this scarf tonight. Knitting the fingerless mitts has been going faster than I expected, and I was inspired to make some snow people to give to the friend who commissioned the mitts, and so of course I then had to think about making something for her gentleman friend, and this scarf came to mind. The dark blue is manly, if not Christmassy!

The cardigan and the blanket are both pouting in the corner of my living room right now, feeling neglected, as well they might.

The designer used less than two skeins of Wool-ease chunky – but they are 140 gram balls and mine are 100 gram. I may knit to the end of one ball and then consider that to be the centre of the scarf, even if it’s not as long as the pattern suggests.

Mitts progress: Sean’s – done; Meghan’s – done; Vanessa’s – done; Ainsley’s – almost done; Charlotte’s – yet to do

Snow people: one done, at least two more to crochet

Scarf: two inches done, about 58 more inches to knit!

I never plan any Christmas knitting, but it seems I usually end up with something on the needles for a gift at this time of year. Funny how that works!

Happy knitting. ❤




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  1. Oh no! It doesn’t have a project photo on ravelry? I put one there… it shows up for me… but now I’m wondering if I did it wrong. Hrmmmmm

    Anyway, happy knitting!

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