a stack of mittens


The fingerless mitts are finished. What a relief! As someone who normally only makes something once, making five identical pairs of mitts (except for a slight size difference) was a challenge, though as I had decided to start with the biggest and finish with the smallest they did go faster as I neared the end. I feel like I could knit these in my sleep now.

They only took two weeks, even with the distraction of a snowman and a tortoise!





Today was an at-home day – no commitments to drive to. So I planned some domestic activities. I spent ages using a hand-operated food mill to puree enough apples to half fill my pressure cooker pan and simmered them with a little cinnamon and allspice. Then the canner was filled and put over a high heat, 7 jars and lids washed, and a little later I had some applesauce canned and ready for the cold store. The best thing was that most of the apples were free from a friend with lots of trees. I had some Macintosh from the Keremeos fruit stand, and golden delicious and red delicious from my friend. The goldens, which I don’t usually like, had a really good flavour.

That book in the background is my “bible” for preserving. It has all the times I need for canning. These pint jars of applesauce only took 20 minutes.

Ds3 made three loaves of bread from my basic recipe (see sidebar for the 35-35-35 bread) although he made it more white than brown. He likes to experiment.

Tonight I’m crocheting another snowman ornament, though in fact this will be a snow woman. The first is wearing red and green, this one will have a purple hat and a pink scarf.










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