little bigfoot monkey



It’s a certain person’s birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make a cute amigurumi for her. I trolled around Ravelry and found this monkey on the site Amigurumi To Go. She has lots of other designs on there too. In addition to this monkey, I’m giving the birthday girl a bar of Endangered Species Chocolate that has a monkey picture on the front. She also played a monkey in a school theatre production this week, so it seems to be a recurring theme right now.


I changed the tail. I just crocheted a chain and single crocheted back along it to make it thin and curly. The original is more like one of his arms and I’d had enough of fiddly tubes by then! For the size of them, amigurumi take more time to make than you’d expect. Three to four hours with all that sewing. And I’m always concerned that it will come out looking ugly rather than cute, or so severely lopsided that I have to undo everything and try again. However, I am pleased with this little guy.

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