another FO and another WIP


The FO:


The Braidy scarf is done. After taking a few photos last night, I handwashed it, rolled it in a towel to get some of the water out, then tossed it in the dryer along with the towel. This morning – all done.

The WIP:


These are Crochet Flower Slippers from the blog The Life Artistic. However as you can see they are becoming something quite different. Firstly I had to make them considerably larger than the pattern is designed for. The good thing about making them from the toe end is being able to try them on as I go – I had to widen them a bit around the ball of the foot – make the toe part longer – make the foot part longer and a little wider – and adjust the numbers when it came to shaping the heel. I decreased quite a bit when doing the red around the foot but it still might need some elastic. I made a monkey mouth and ears, and will sew on some black buttons when I get around to fetching some black thread from my sewing room. YAY for sock monkey slippers! Now to make another one…






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