cleaning and crocheting


I must be very close to using up my allotted blogspace by now. I still haven’t purchased extra space, but I’m going to have to soon if I want to keep uploading photos.


For some reason the vacuuming didn’t get done last week so I was extra-motivated to do a proper Monday clean today. Vacuuming isn’t just that – as I work my way around the house I tidy up too, and spot things like coffee dribbles down the walls (thanks, ds1) or stuff that needs putting in its proper place. The laundry was done, including all the shower curtains (along with a splash of bleach to get rid of the mildewy bits). I even pulled out an old toothbrush and attacked the grout in places where it was looking a little black. The bins were emptied, recycling dispatched to the carport, kitchen floor mopped. The coffee table quilt was shaken out and moved to a different table and I put out a quilt that ds1 made when I was in my quilting heyday. I think he was about 10. It looked so pretty with all its bright colours that I added some of the other boys’ pottery.


My Christmas cacti are all flowering like crazy. If you want a hint on how to get them to flower, just take them outside for the summer and leave them there until it starts to get cold, but not frosty. I put them on the deck where they get some sun, but not too much. Bring them in and whammo, lots of blossoms!


My knitting corner was tidied today too. Underneath the phone table is the bag of leftovers for the scrap blanket. Next to that table is a project bag with the blanket in it, on top of that is the bag with the cardigan-in-progress, then I have a cloth carrier full of Brava acrylics, and the basket has more Brava that’s not being used in the cardigan and my Harmony knitting needles, among other things. The lapdesk on the arm of the sofa holds the sock monkey slipper project.


And here is the first sock monkey slipper – I just added the eyes tonight. The second one should go a little faster as I took notes of the pattern adaptations throughout the first slipper. The foot may not be quite as tight around the top as I’d like, so I may get some elastic for it. I’ll think about that on Wednesday when I go across the bridge and I’m near Fabricland.


And that’s it for tonight – back to crocheting.

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