back to the knitting


After my crocheting binge, I am now back to the knitting. I added a couple of inches to the sleeve of the Collar Closing Cardigan (aka Rainbow Cardigan) this afternoon, and spread out the scrappy blanket on the living room floor to measure it.


This cuff will be turned back so you’ll see the reverse stocking stitch side, which I think looks way better than the other side.


The blanket is about 40 inches long from cast on edge to needles. When I spread it out to check the width, it’s about 57 inches (no wonder it takes forever to knit a round)! My original ambition was to make the blanket about 6 feet long but I will be happy to get it approximately square. Not that there’s a high demand for its use – it keeps me very warm while I’m working on it, but I am a finisher and get so much satisfaction from yet another FO on my Ravelry project page.




I went to my blog’s Dashboard just now and decided to add 10gb of space for $20. I thought it would be a one time charge, but no, it’s annual. OK, so I have my credit card ready, and try twice to input the info, and twice it rejects it for no apparent reason. I take that as a sign that I shouldn’t be upgrading and give up!





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