Romantic retreat!


Tai Chi Man and I are staying at a lovely wood cabin this weekend (it’s his birthday and our silver wedding anniversary). It is made up of one main room with a woodstove (and baseboard heating), a kitchen/dining area, a bed behind the chimney/bar divider, and a separate bathroom. Outside is a hot tub in a completely private spot where we can enjoy the snow falling and the view of the stars.
The snow kindly fell the day of our arrival which made for a pretty sight.
We went to a musical show yesterday – The Sound of Music, no less. Love those familiar songs.
We brought plenty of food, books, iPad/iPod (yes, we do have wifi, but only just – sometimes the link from the owner’s house is a little weak). And of course my knitting (what else would I be doing during the drive)?
I was working on the blanket earlier and thought I’d be a knitting nerd and time myself working one round. Eleven and a half minutes. There are 400 stitches in a round so that means I was knitting at 1.725 sts/sec or 103.5 sts/min.
Counted the rounds next – about 221 so far. That’s 88,400 stitches and 42.36 hours of knitting.
And I still have at least about 15 inches of blanket to go so that it’s longer than it’s wide.
You can see why I like to intersperse smaller projects in between working on this – because I really like finishing things. 🙂
Well, I shall attempt to publish this by wandering around the cabin to get a strong enough signal – if I fail, I will try again later.

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