two new FOs


Two very quick projects for almost instant gratification….

a machine-knitted scarf for ds1.


And two crocheted mug cosies for my friend Jeanette.


One morning last week, ds1 said he needed a scarf. My eyes may well have lit up at the opportunity for more knitting. He goes out for walks around the neighbourhood but doesn’t like wearing a coat unless it’s minus 30. He has a very thick hoodie but obviously he needed something for his neck and face. I was happy to oblige. A cowl was out of the question – he just wanted a plain old-fashioned scarf that he could wrap around, and when I said I had enough of the Currant-coloured Brava Worsted to make him a scarf he said that would be ok. It’s dark enough to be manly.

So the Bond was clamped back onto the sewing table and I used three balls of yarn to churn out a nice long strip, which I seamed into a tube for a double-thick scarf. Didn’t think he’d want a fringe, so buttonhole stitched the ends shut. He seemed pleased. And what service! The request was made in the morning and the finished product was in his hands in the evening.

The mugs are from Wal-mart. I was going to get the plain old white ones and jazz them up with colourful crochet, but when I saw these classy striped ones I couldn’t resist. And the paprika Brava Worsted co-ordinated very nicely. The square orange buttons are from my extensive stash of dollar store buttons. I made up the design, using a combination of single crochet and puff stitch. The reverse of the puff stitch was more textured so I have that side showing on the mug. These mugs and cosies are going in a box with the snow couple, some Christmassy tea, and maybe some chocolate.

Apart from that, I’ve done absolutely nothing about Yule decorations or gifts for my family. Oops!

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