christmas eve


The big dinner is over. We usually celebrate the Solstice and decided to have our feast day on the 24th this year, because it was convenient, and this is what we had.


Nut pâté en croute, mashed yams (and potatoes for the kids), cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans, simple gravy. Pretty good, in my humble opinion.

Followed by this.


This was an experiment to recreate the trifles of my youth. This one has homemade vanilla cupcakes for the sponge cake, split and sandwiched with raspberry jam. Then canned peaches with some of the juice poured over the cupcakes. Then custard, which I tried to thicken sufficiently with arrowroot to get a firm result, but despite hours of chilling in the fridge it stayed a little wobbly. But I added the Mimicreme anyway, and some hundreds and thousands, which my mum never used as my dad didn’t like cream on things. We were so full afterwards that we only made a dent in the dessert, but there’s always breakfast tomorrow!

Now that I have given the boys their handmade gifts, I can show them to you. Definitely a low-key, low-cost Yule this year, though we are planning to go out to dinner soon.


Nyan cat bookmark for ds3


Stargate coaster for ds2


Space invaders French press cozy for ds1

Best wishes to you all, however you choose to celebrate this time of year.

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