happy new year


xmassixtiesNew Year’s Day 2013! And we’re all still here, healthy and happy and warm and sheltered. I am very grateful for family, friends, food and….lots of other things beginning with F! Do you like the photo? My dad and mum, my sister and me, one Christmas many moons ago. I don’t think I’ve posted it to my blog before – I think I put it on Facebook, though I may be getting confused!

I put together Thank You letters for my mum and Tai Chi Man’s parents using ComicLife. I usually forget I have that software but every now and again it comes in handy. I picked out some photos from 2012 and filled three pages and printed two copies. It reminded me how eventful a year it’s been. The main memories of 2012 for me are of course going back to the UK twice, the first time for seven weeks when I knew my dad was sick, and the second time for two weeks for his funeral. So many memories, sad and happy and poignant and painful.

I hope that you can look back on 2012 with a peaceful heart and a releasing of any negative feelings. It’s all in the past. Let it go and feel the lightness. Live in the moment while trusting that the future will take care of itself. Don’t worry, be happy, as they say.

Right now, I am happy that I am about to bind off my scrappy blanket because I have reached that impatient stage all of a sudden. I bought a parts organiser cabinet from Canadian Tire (40% off, hooray) and sorted out my buttons and now I want to have fun attaching them to the blanket to “tie” the two layers together. My plan is to use one more colour to knit one more round, then bind off (that will probably take half an hour), close the ends, add a bit of embellishment, and then enjoy being warm underneath it.

We don’t make resolutions around here, but during Tai Chi Man’s days off I did commandeer him to help me change my sewing room into a fitness room. I took down the folding table, propped it against the wall, and cleared and vacuumed the floor. We’ve unfolded the Nordictrack, which has been gathering dust for so many years, and reassembled the weights bench. There’s also a small trampoline (rebounder) in there. So now there’s no excuse to be sedentary on days when it’s too icy outside to walk. If I want to use my sewing machine or knitting machine, I’ll have to set up a temporary workstation somewhere else.

Are you on Pinterest? What a time suck! All those pretty pictures. I was trying to find some inspiration for making things with buttons – ideally a small knitted or crocheted item with buttons sewn on – not much success at finding the perfect project, but I have enjoyed the colourful photos. Haven’t had any luck with Ravelry either. I suppose if I knew what I wanted to make, I could then add buttons to it, whatever the item. Oh well, probably a better idea to bind off the blanket first. Then play with other yarn.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets that Monday morning feeling the day after New Year’s. It’s like we’ve had a little break from the normal routine for a week or two and then, pouf, it’s all over and normal service must be resumed. And it’s not like I have to get up early to go to work or anything like that. There have been some homeschooling classes I’ve been thinking of signing the boys up for, though, and this week I will have to start making calls. And soon it will be time for their snowboarding days to start, which they’re itching to do. So I shall throw myself into January with all enthusiasm. šŸ˜‰

Happy New Year – may the force be with you!


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