itching to knit


Lots of knitting mojo this week. Starting the Mystery KAL had me checking in to the Mystery 220 group on Ravelry every day, waiting for Clue #2. And today it arrived and I intend to get it knitted up tonight. It’s just a couple of inches of half linen stitch.

The plummy wrap that I made the other day should be getting a matching pair of wristwarmers soon. I am designing them as I go and the first one is almost done – photos later. They are just garter stitch with a little short row shaping to make them wider around the hand and leave them narrower at the wrist.

And I couldn’t resist some Concept Knitting. I joined the Conceptual Knitters group on Ravelry. Last year, I just discovered, they made Sky Scarves. Every day they’d look at the sky and knit a stripe in a colour that matched the sky. Some people even added beads for rain or snow. What a great idea! And this year, there is a Temperature Scarf concept, which churned around in my head so much that I realised I could not leave it alone. I pulled out my Knitpicks Brava Worsted and my colour wheel and this is what I came up with.


My temperature chart goes (in 5 degree increments) from eggplant at the left (minus 20 Celsius or below) all the way up to wine (plus 30 or higher). I am using the Weather Network site to tell me the maximum temperature for my area each day, and then knitting two rows (one garter ridge) in the appropriate colour. As our temps have been hovering around minus 1 or 2 the last five days, the first five ridges are all in Tranquil, but I think we may have reached zero today which’ll mean I get to knit a different colour tomorrow.


I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops over the coming year.

I was quite put out that I had to go out for the afternoon, as all I wanted to do was stay home and knit!

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