smooshy plum wristwarmers


So after making the One Night Stand wrap the other day, I had a partial skein left over and I thought I’d get a pair of wristwarmers out of it. I’m calling them that rather than fingerless mitts as there’s no thumbhole on these. They’re just a tube, knitted flat and seamed, with a little short row shaping to make the hand wider than the wrist. The funny thing is that I just had enough to bind off the second one (my end tail was only a couple of inches long) which meant that I had to pull out another skein to sew it up. The buttons were added as a decorative touch, just to indicate which end is the wrist. I made them so they are a fairly loose fit on me, but they sure feel nice.


I will give these to my friend along with the wrap – hope she likes them.

If you’d like to make something similar, here’s what I did.

  • 1 skein Lion Brand Homespun or other bulky yarn
  • US#10 (6mm) needles
  • Gauge: 11 sts = 4 inches over garter stitch (might as well start knitting on the project, it’s as good a gauge swatch as any)
  • Finished size – 8″ from end to end, and about 8″ circ at wrist and 8.5″ around hand (easily made smaller or larger by testing them around your own hand as you go)

Cast on 25, leaving a long tail for sewing up later.

Knit 10 rows (garter stitch).

Work short row: K12, wrap&turn, K to end

K 10 rows

Repeat short row

K 10 rows

Rep short row

K 10 rows

Rep short row

K 5 rows

Bind off. Fold with right side outside and mattress stitch seam. Weave in ends. Add buttons if you like. I sewed them directly over the seams with the intention that the buttons would be at the outside edge of the hand when worn.

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