cozy boatneck sweater


I made good progress on a new baby sweater today while ds2 and ds3 snowboarded. It was the first day of homeschool lessons, though the lesson was only an hour and they had lots of free time to practise before and after. There is a crummy old couch in the cafe (along with a lot of plastic tables and chairs and an even crummier carpet)! I managed to nab the same space as I did last winter, even though I didn’t rush there but hung around with the boys while they listened to the safety talk and found their rental equipment. It’s a warm-ish and very sociable place to spend the day, with all the parents and kids going in and out.


This pattern is the Cozy Boatneck Sweater from a book called Itty Bitty Nursery (a library book). It’s a stripy garter stitch sweater in various baby sizes – I’m making the 9 – 12 month size and my gauge seems to be working out just fine.

The colours I am using are all Knitpicks Brava Worsted – Paprika, Cornflower, Tidepool, Fairy Tale, Peapod, Brindle. When I looked at the colours together and then checked my colour wheel, I’ve got a tetrad there – red orange, blue green, purple, green – it seems to work. Size US#6 needles. 5 sts/1 inch. This sweater has cute embroidered patches sewn on at the end, and some embroidery done on the sleeves. Despite that, I think that my friend’s little boy will look good in it.

Five more Fridays, five more days of as much knitting as I can stand!

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